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There is no substitute for our decades of experience in machining. We know the challenges of the entire process chain.

Whether you are an automobile or power plant manufacturer, a supplier of the most sophisticated components or an overhaul company – we know the diverse requirements of machine manufacturers, plant manufacturers and engineering offices.

From the procurement of sophisticated production systems to finding solutions for new manufacturing approaches, we cover the entire value chain of efficient and modern production.

The focus is always on the economic considerations of the means to be used. Here we pursue the TCO approach across departmental boundaries.

We are not the classic consultants - we get involved and implement new things together with you until they are successful. Long-term customer relationships are the best proof. Our customers and partners are very successful market leaders in their industry.

We take on demanding project management for you on a temporary basis, as well as interim management, for example when reorganizing individual business areas.

We invite you to enter into a dialogue with us and soon become part of the successful Wysshus network. We are just a call or email away from you - we are already within reach on your desk.


Our actions and actions and the way we approach tasks are based on respect, responsibility, courage, performance, authenticity and transparency. These values ​​determine our daily interactions with our customers, business partners and our team.

  • Respect is characterized by a partnership with people and their dignity.
  • Open and honest communication makes work easier across cultures and different people.
  • We value the achievements of yesterday, today and tomorrow, thereby creating respect for respect and recognition.
  • Responsibility determines our actions towards customers, partners and colleagues.
  • We are role models in dealing with the environment and resources.
  • Responsibility gives us recognition and acceptance, and our decisions that we mutually support.
  • Courage makes new paths in the process possible.
  • Confidence in your own abilities and good self-assessment are prerequisites.
  • We dare to do something and open ourselves up to new things.
  • We ensure success through our performance.
  • We challenge, encourage and support personal development.
  • Independence is encouraged and performance is measured by results.
  • Authenticity is the cornerstone of our credibility and allows us to do what we say.
  • We keep our promises and can also say no.
  • Our business and actions are consistent with our values.
  • Transparency creates mutual trust.
  • All groups involved are informed, so our actions are understandable.
  • We create reliability through goal-oriented action.


Wysshus Engineering wants to become a globally valued and permanently committed partner that brings about noticeable improvements in its customers' production and process flows through innovative approaches, implementable processes and high-quality solutions.

Built on three pillars, Wysshus Engineering wants to grow sustainably and, as a network partner, play a decisive and leading role with its customers right from the start of a development/change - be it a product or a process.

The first pillar of the strategy is the provision of business and management consulting. The focus is on consulting, supporting and implementing management-driven change processes for lean production as well as vertical and horizontal integration. These can be in the production-related, technical/industrial area, as well as in the business and procurement environment of machine tools and their automation.

Holistic project management forms the second pillar of the strategy. Here, customer projects are supported, if possible, from creation to implementation or even completely managed. The many years of experience and the large network create added value for the customer, who is qualified by implementing the defined requirements on time and within budget. The aim is to participate as early as possible in drafting the contractual documents necessary to fulfill the service. Design reviews, supplier audits and management of the implementation phase complement the activity.

The third pillar is finding efficient and innovative machining options for the machining industry and the machining of large components. Automation, lean production and Industry 4.0 are core topics of the 3rd pillar of the strategy. A wide field is covered here, from brainstorming ideas for special processing solutions to production planning.

Our partners are among the market leaders in their industry.

We would be pleased to be able to assist you with our many years of experience.